Bedroom Cabinet


Bedroom Cabinet

de-constructing the bedroom chair



The idea for the bedroom cabinet came from noticing how a piece of furniture designed to fulfil one function may be used for a completely different one. In this case how a chair in a bedroom may actually be used for hanging clothes.

The frame of the bedroom cabinet is a de-constructed chair, and provides “hooks” from which to hang clothes. The cabinet has five drawers for storing laundered clothes with tassel handles that refer to the clothing inside.




Solid oak and high-quality oak veneer are used in its construction, with the oak veneer book-leafed to produce a mirror pattern on the drawer fronts. The finish is raw/natural.

The bedroom cabinet was shown in the Going Solo exhibition in London in 1997 and the furniture shop Haus, London in 1998.



Dimensions: height 180cm, width 67cm, depth 58cm.

Limited edition no. 2 now available.

Price on request.

Please contact Colin if you would like to discuss commissioning a new edition of this piece.

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